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Free Stuff: Big Profit
Free stuff brings multiple streams of income
You may have heard about a concept before called multiple streams
of income. If you havent; please allow me to introduce you to the
Multiple streams of income are the only way to help fully secure
your online profits by allowing you to collect money and income
from various different sources.
This enables you to stay afloat should you lose a major stream of
Those who fail to secure multiple streams of income in the online
world by throwing all their eggs in one basket run a higher risk of
having to close up shop because they no longer have cash flow
coming in, should their cash cow go under.
The unfortunate side of all this is that it happens far to often to
internet marketers who do not plan ahead or think outside the box.
My most recent work this light e-book Free Stuff: Big Profit
shows one amazing great way to secure many multiple streams of
income that could be beneficial for years to come.
So grab a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy my teachings on
a great way to start growing your income to the next level with a no
fluff, no hype, no filler & always no BS approach.
How to start Generating Multiple Streams of Income
This system is simple in nature. Our object here is to take Free
Products and make money. At first glance many wonder how they
can make money with a free product. Good news is you are about to
learn. Take notes as needed.
Step #1
Where to find your Free products to Sell
I am going to show you a couple places that I love to use to make
fast easy money on free stuff. By the way they are all also Free to
The first place is called Our Free Stuff and they have hundreds of
free products that you can offer to your email list, web site,
classified ads or anywhere else youd like to advertise for many
different countries.
You can target your products by specific countries and for any
individual offer.
One of my favorite places to find free stuff to market is AdValiant.
Not all of their products are free offers but many of them are and
they are very easy to market. I also like The Affiliated.
I suggest signing up for all 3 to find your free products.
However you may use any of the major affiliate sites as well like
Commission Junction, Linkshare or Performics. Though they have
free offers there; they are not as readily available and require a little
more searching on your part but you can still use them to make good
So take some time to get signed up to at least the 3 freebie sites I
have above and come back and Ill walk you through how you can
make a good income with this alone.
Step #2
Selecting Your Free Products to Market
Before I even think of a product to market I browse the different
offers that each my 3 favorite networks has to available.
I always look for freebies that people dont have to sign their life
away for. I put myself in my customers shoes and think about How
does this offer sound to me if I was to buy in.
If you wouldnt take someone up on the offer dont try to market that
one; go for something else.
What I then look for is how do I profit from this free offer? Is is by
Lead or by sale of something that gives the customer something free
with the sale?
Making money by a lead is sometimes the easiest way to profit
with this system.
If you are unsure of what a lead is; its simply when someone fills out
a small form to receive something by email, and allows the publisher
that you are promoting the product or offer for to capture that
persons email address.
This allows the publisher to target that person down the future and
for that the publisher will pay you a commission. These
commissions can range from $1- hundreds of dollars depending what
type of free product you are promoting.
Ill give you an example of one of the leads I use to make a lot of
money off of.
Free PS3 Offer
Sign up for a free Play Station 3 drawing
Simply enter your name and email below and you are entered to
When someone clicks your link to that publisher they go to the
sample above and simply fill out the form.
After they fill out the form it is then sent to the publisher and for that
specific offer you get $1.15 per entry.
It doesnt sound like much but could you imagine hundreds or
thousands of people generating leads for this every month?
Believe me it adds up faster than you think and you stand to profit a
lot of extra cash.
The next type of free product is a PPA or (Pay Per Action). A PPA
is generally a pay per sale.
You get commissions if the customers clicks through your link and
either makes a purchase at the publishers web site or whatever action
they would like the customer to take; again usually a sale.
So on PPA free offer I would look for something that offer
something substantial free for a small membership or something
similar to that.
Ill give you an example of a free PPA that can be used to make a lot
of extra income.
NutriSystem Program -
One FREE Week of Food -
This unique weight loss system offers the user 1 week complimentary when they sign up
for the 28 day program. Just in time for summer, check this offer out!

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